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I chose to not live in one location and travel as much as I want. My two home bases are Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) and Sofia (Bulgaria).

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Can you help me with YouTube?
I am making small films since 2013 and I know how hard it is to get started. Currently I coach other YouTubers to stay accountable, produce content in time, and monetize it.

I need marketing help
I only work with companies where I and my team can have an impact. Let's find it out: send me an email or contact me via skype directly.

+1 (929) 260 1944
I just want to connect!
Sure, send me a message via facebook messenger. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel we will have a good start!

Messenger: @tillcarlos

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An exciting life

I believe we have only one life to live. That's why everyone should make the most of it. In my work I constantly try to simplify, measure, and improve what we are doing. This leaves time for bigger and more meaningful tasks - and more excitement in learning them.


If you are an entrepreneur, or you work for one, you are probably in the business of money. Most of your actions relate to making money now or securing cash flow later. We agree that this is important.


There are enough consultants who try to lock their clients in. They use contracts, too complicated systems, or just don't document their work. I try to set up systems for you and document everything in SOPs. If you want to do things yourself - go ahead!


Curiosity is a big one. I speak 4 languages, which I learned without textbooks. I constantly learn, and like to work with people who do so, too.


Health should be #1 priority, but for me it is almost a given. I work out 5 days per week and I don't drink or smoke. You can't hire me as a fitness coach, but we can talk about that topic a lot.