Curriculum Vitae

I judge people not by their CV, but by their last actions. A CV has its place, though. Use this for your reference.

1984: Born in Kiel, Germany

Kiel is said to be the city where people work to live, not live to work.
I never understood this until I started kite boarding.

1998 Started programming

I got my first computer when I was 14. It was a windows 98. When school started to give us Turbo Pascal I developed games for my school.

I learned PHP and Java on several jobs during my high school years at wquadrat, ergovia, and finally in Australia at Pantha.

Skills 1998-2006

Studied computer science for Diploma

In the first week I learned that studying is not a full-time job. I founded empuxa on the side and started hiring my fellow students.

In 2012, I wrote my thesis at XING in Hamburg about performance anomalies. I graduated with 1.0 and never used my diploma again.

Download my Thesis here
Academic career 2006 - 2012

empuxa GmbH

Co-founded a development shop together with Marco Raddatz. We built software for festivals, industry and startups. Our team peaked at 6 employees.

Became digital nomad

I have already seen America, Africa and all of Europe, but there was more.

In 29 years on this planet I learned enough about myself to know that I need to move constantly. With Skype, airbnb, and Uber the world started to become accessible.

I reduced my belongings to the minimum and left my home in Kiel.

Passion 2013

Co-Founded PhotoLove

PhotoLove is a eCommerce store where users can upload photos and get them printed and shipped home. It is a six-figure systematized business that we run remotely.

Founded Maerketing

I applied my marketing skills to help business owners generate more traffic and sales.

Now we have a small team who works remotely.

Business 2014

Started Videos

In 2014 we made a documentary: Your Own Way Out .
I started vlogging in 2016 on YouTube.