Video: High Effort, High Reward

I started with video in 2013, and have shot a documentary, my personal Vlog, and a couple of talks.
Many people told me this is my talent. Judge for yourself.

Vlog Documentary Talks Interviews

Vlog on YouTube

This is my testing ground for shooting and editing. I make one video per month to keep up with the craft. Some videos have gotten more than 10k views - without any promotion.

Your Own Way Out Documentary

Your Own Way Out features 33 successful location independent entrepreneurs.

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We interviewed these entrepreneurs (and more)

Derek Sivers
Peter Shankman
Mark Manson
Benny Lewis


Over the time I have recorded talks I found interesting. It prove to be a good networking tool and let me add value.

Noah Kagan is an entrepreneur and brilliant marketer. He started 2 multi-million dollar businesses and grew a 700,000+ email list.

Jon Myers is Entrepreneur, designer, DJ and explorer, based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. He gives a talk about how to bring a consulting business into high six figures.

Rafik Mankarious has a decades long career at McDonalds. Watch this talk to see the lessons he learned working with thousands of people.

Skype interviews

In 2017 I conducted a lot of interviews to validate a product I have been working on. All interviews were made through skype and one camera on each side.

I interview Mac Frederick from Momentum Digital on how he builds his business and does lead generation.

Verge Pipe Media is a digital agency with years experience. I interview Don Crow on why niching is important.

Jim Gilbert and I go into a detailed screen share on how he sends out thousands of cold emails. He reveals all the tech behind the scenes.

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